About – Kaytar
Kaytar working on her light sculpture

Jacqueline Kaytar is a Croatian Australian living on Turrbal and Yuggera country. Since beginning her creative journey in textile design, Kaytar has developed her stylistic vocabulary in the creation of objects and space over more than 20 years.

Kaytar’s work explores the liminal space between art, design and functionality. Whilst some pieces are pure artistic expression, others offer the dual purpose of sculptural expression and function. Her sculptural lighting pieces interact with space through form and illumination.

Kaytar’s artistic process is guided by alchemic experimentation and the modification of natural matter. This focus on transformation is borne of her interest in the consciousness of things. Working with materials from nature, such as flax, plant dyes, metal, minerals and beeswax – all selected for their symbolic associations – Kaytar believes that this matter, when imbued with human touch, becomes animate.

This spark of life is not only present during the process of artistic transformation, but also resonates with viewers interacting with Kaytar’s finished forms. The artist’s hope is that her works in lighting, sculpture, textiles and the built environment take us to realms of sensory pleasure, memory and contemplation, allowing us to regain a sense of awe in all things.

“I’m curious about the relationship we have with matter and the life of the objects we surround ourselves with. I work with living materials that all patina or change in form with time. Some are hard like metal, and others soft like textiles and beeswax; all, like nature, are perfectly imperfect and have an individual sense of charm.”